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Why the news matters and what is newsworthy?

Published: Friday, February 24, 2012

Updated: Saturday, February 25, 2012 12:02


Are Muhlenberg College students thinking? Well, if they are and have any extra time, they don't want to write and submit it to the Weekly, that's for sure. Unfortunately, the Muhlenberg Weekly has begun to lose writers along with its credibility, and that's such a shame because the news matters. While Student Government spends up to $15,000 per semester funding the publication, most of the copies hit the recycling bin before students, faculty, or staff even take a copy. Free press and publication is not just a right, but also a gift. Countries around the world struggle and die for the right to freely express themselves every day (#Sri Lanka), while we take it for granted and tweet and hash tag about something that in the grand scheme of things really won't matter tomorrow. We think it will, but come on; be serious. It probably won't. But hey, it's OK; don't be so hard on yourself. We are college students: why should we care? We aren't the future of our country or anything. Are we? I get it. We are all stressed, overcommitted, want to be in good physical shape, do well in school, have a social life, play video games, have time to check Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter, get a job one day, drink beer, smoke pot, pursue sex, play instruments, go to sports, theater, dance events, hopefully shower (#3rdfloorML…guys, seriously, the floor stinks), have time for religious worship (#comeprayonSundayafternoonswithournewChaplainCallistaandFridaynightsatHillelorRomanCatholicMassonSundaynights), check ESPN, text mom, avoid text messages, not make eye contact from that drunk hook-up at Maingate (#manyofus), buy shoes with Dad's credit card and finally be able to provide for ourselves the comfortable lifestyle that our parents have worked so hard to give us. We seem to be afraid to struggle. But struggle is what this country was built on. And some other things, but a lot of those other things aren't as cheery and optimistic (#dr.herrick and #dr.hashim) Any great story is about peaks and valleys. If it were all peaks and no valleys or the vice versa, you are either bragging too much or flat out just too darn depressing. I got faith though. Really I do. I would rather be led by my imagination and dreams then just accept that the news and the Weekly doesn't matter. I wonder if we have too many mediums to express ourselves. We give all this energy to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. We think our ideas will be heard that way. Well, I know for one thing that the Muhlenberg audience is a pretty decently large and well-educated audience. 

One of my friends from high school, Kevin Karp, has a brother. His brother is David Karp. Anyone know the creator of Tumblr? Well, actually it's David. Now, I like a challenge and being told that I can't do something. I know a lot of people have Tumblr accounts and spend hours a day on his website. I haven't talked to Kevin in years and didn't really leave high school on a great note. For those keeping score at home, I did not go to either my high school graduation or prom and picked up my diploma two weeks later. For a small of private school with a graduating class of 49 students, you piss off a lot of people and worst of all you don't allow for closure for yourself. But I still love the high school, just not all the students I graduated with. My question is to you, Muhlenberg Community, is if I got David to come up and speak would someone write in the Weekly about it? Is that newsworthy? I don't have a Tumblr account and don't even know really what it is to be honest. I want to save the Weekly in more ways than one and I won't find a way alone, but together we  can do anything with a little sweat and a whole lot of laughs. 







P.S.   I tried  (#MuhlenbergCollege)…will you (#Muhlenbergstudentbody)? 

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