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Phi Sigma Sigma's charter reinstated

Published: Thursday, March 17, 2005

Updated: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 17:07

Because of allegations of hazing, the College's chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma had its charter suspended. After a visit from the sorority's nationals, however, the charter was reinstated, and Phi Sigma Sigma is now on level three status. According to Rebecca Chovnick '06, Archon of the Delta Lambda Chapter at the College, while on level three status, the chapter will be "working hand in hand with nationals and supporting the sorority's ideals."

Chris Jachimowicz, Director of Student Leadership Development and Greek Affairs, received an anonymous letter in the campus mail on Feb. 15 alleging hazing activity by Phi Sigma Sigma during the fall. He forwarded the letter to the dean of students and Campus Safety.

Jachimowicz said because of the extent of the letter and because the sorority's nationals had already investigated hazing in the fall, he contacted the chapter advisor for Phi Sigma Sigma.

On Feb. 17, nationals suspended the chapter's charter and scheduled a visit from the national president of Phi Sigma Sigma. The president came to the College on Feb. 23 and spoke to the chapter about the allegations.

Jachimowicz said, "It wasn't necessarily an investigation, but concern that these types of things keep popping up." He said after about an hour and a half meeting, the president took the information back to the national executive board of Phi Sigma Sigma.

The national executive board voted to reinstate the charter and put the sorority on level three status on Feb. 25. Jachimowicz said, "For about a week and a half, we had three sororities."

Sandy Grossman, Grand Archon of Phi Sigma Sigma, visited the College's chapter. She said the chapter's charter was reinstated because, "We believe the women in this chapter are committed to Phi Sigma Sigma's goals."

Grossman said those in the sorority's nationals are working together with the College's chapter to create an environment consistent with Phi Sigma Sigma's mission.

A task force is being organized, consisting of Phi Sigma Sigma alumni to work with the chapter.

Grossman stressed that the chapter is not on probation, but the charter was suspended because "Phi Sigma Sigma takes any alleged policy violation seriously."

Chovnick said, "We are a very strong chapter, and we're excited to continue our active participation in the community."

Jachimowicz said the College supported the decision of nationals and that there is currently no active investigation on campus. He said the problem with anonymous allegations is that only those accused can be talked to.

Jachimowicz believes there will be effects that stem from the allegations. He said, "I think you're going to see changes in the next few years in how member initiation is done, especially with sororities.

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